After all the nasty weather we have had of late a lot of our time has been dealing with wind blown trees. A concerned customer from Lound in Nottinghamshire contacted us about a stem of one of his Lalandii trees had come down and was resting on his neighbours house. After removing the stem he then hired us for a rather more substantial job.

This incident had heightened the customers about the poplar trees on the customers garden boundary. They had planned to remove the Lalandii and Poplar trees a number of years ago and this ‘act of god’  propelled him to go ahead with the work.



Lombardy Poplar trees are native to Italy, a very fast growing tree that are traditionally used as a wind break in agricultural fields to protect against wind erosion. However they have also been known to shed limbs and demand a large supply of water which leads to subsidence.


So, that said, this one is only a baby really. Though it didn’t feel like one when I was up there!



With Only a greenhouse in the centre of the garden being our main concern the work could be undertaken in quite large sections. All the wood was left ‘on site’ and cut to size ready to be split. All the brash was chipped up and taken away.


After two days of grafting the jobs was done with the greenhouse still in one piece.